Happy Birthday!!

Halo sas!! selamat udah buka link ini.. tp blom berakhir sayangnya.. hahha.. silahkan buka tumblr saya di pututapibukankue.tumblr.com dsana lo bakal nemu link untuk ke tahap berikutnya.. smangatt!!!

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SQ?? Apa sih SQ itu ??

singapore airlines

BUKAN!!! Maksud gw SQ disini adalah Spiritual Quotient

Apa sih spiritual quotient ini?

itu adalah alat untuk mengukur spiritual intelligence, atau kecerdasan spiritual..

fin, tamat! (katanya jelasin SQ aj kn)… oh bukan rupanya.. saya akan membahas spiritual creativity..

Jadi.. apa itu spiritual creativity, bagaimana kita menjadi kreatif dalam hal spiritual? apakah dengan menjadi peramal ?

atau bisa berkreatif ria dengan dunia spiritual (dancing with the kuns, menggambar bersama pocong, dll)

Spiritual Creativity is when you created something thats flows, and improving’s other AURA…

for example : when you see a dancer dance.. it entranced you, it’s make you feel better, and more spirited.. tough you don’t know why

when you hear a music, it’s vibrate trough your heart though you don’t actually feel anything before, but the music influence you.. you become more sad/happy/furious when you hear it..

when you see a painting (even an abstract one) you feel moved.

Jadi itulah kreatif dalam skala spiritual.. kemampuan kita untuk meng-ispire sesuatu kedalam jiwa orang lain.. moved them.. 😀

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Innovation it’s easy like an A,B,C with SCAMPER

Hai there! My name is Ms. Novation.. whaat.. you want to innovate something??! sure you do..

what?? you don’t know how?

ahahaha… silly boy/girl let me introduce you to an innovation model called SCAMPER

it’s easy! c’mon!!

First, let’s find some object to become our objective

ahhh.. this one’s nice, my best friend, Stove

Let’s innovate my stove..

First letter in SCAMPER is “S” stands for “Substitute”

We must find a weakness of the things we want to innovate and substitute it with a better solution, For my Stove, it use a LPG gasses. Well, it’s good but LPG isn’t a renewable source of energy. In the future, LPG supply might dried up. We must substitute it with a renewable energy. Why don’t we use a solar energy? it’s nice, it’s safe, it’s free and it’s everywhere!

The Second Letter of Scamper is “C” stands for “Combine”

We can innovate by combining two things that already exist into one thing. For my stove, hmph, well.. i’m always tired running back and forth in my refrigerator to my stove. Well you see, i’m kinda clumsy you know… there’s always something i forget to take from the refrigerator every time i cooked for my family. It’s exhausting.. it took me two kilometers from stove to refrigerator, (my real refrigerator is broken, so i used my neighbor’s that lived two km away). So it’s more efficient when i combined stove and a refrigerator in the below of the stove.

The Third letter of Scamper is  “A” stands for “Adapt”

An innovation must be adaptable to present condition, it must fulfilled a present style’s need and want. Nowdays, in the digital era, a food is prepared more detailed to provide an excellent taste. To adapting to those needs, is better for my stove to have a digital temperature controller, so i don’t have to “speculate” how big/small my fire is and by so, i can control the exact temperature of my fire to make an excellent taste for my dish.

The fourth letter of Scamper is “M” stands for “Modify”

An innovation must be modified to a spesific target or needs. My stove will used a digital controller and have a remote to control the heat, or to turn it on/off. This is perfect, so i still can watch my favorite evening show, like “insert” or “Kabar – kabari” without have to run back and forth my stove just to turn it off.

The fifth letter of scamper is “P” stands for “Put to other use”

We can innovate things, by making a new function of those things that never happened before. Well, for my stove.. hmm i always want my stove to functioned also as a cookbook storage, but in digital form. So there will be monitor that display the recipes that i wanted, and it can also remembered if i make a new recipes, better yet. The recipes that i created can be shared online with my friends (i have a high name in cooking and my recipes is well known to others housewife). So it’s a stove and also a digital cookbook. computer.

The Sixth Letter of Scamper is “E” stands for “Eliminate”

We must eliminate some disadvantage of our innovation. Hmm let see… My stove is still using a “blue fire”, fire is very hazardous in our home. Let’s eliminate it into an electric heat. Where it’s safe to use.

The seventh Letter of Scamper is “R” stands for “Rearrange”

We can innovate things by rearranging the process or display. My stove is usually have fixed place for pot, frying pan, or grilling. But let’s rearrange that, my new-innovated stove will had flat surface, no layout, we can create our layout there, and can changed it anytime. This is very helpful when my husband brings his friend and i have to cook a lot, with free custom stove’s layout. I can put more cooking utensils in my stove.

see? it’s easy right to innovate things with SCAMPER. Look at me, i just create a very sophisticated stove, that to die for… 😀

Let’s see what will YOU Innovate… Tha tha dear.. i must cook for my husband now, his bringing his friend to come over tonight, damn!

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Open Innovation

Pertama kita selidiki dulu artinya…

Open Inovation kata Tante Wiki itu…

Tante Wiki

“Paradigma dimana suatu perusahaan tidak hanya memperhatikan ide – ide dari sumber internalnya, akan tetapi juga dari external..”

contoh dari perusahaan yang menganut open-inovation adalah starbucks


Starbucks mencoba menggapai ide – ide dari masyarakat luas, melalui sebuah websitenya yang bernama http://mystarbucksidea.force.com/

dimana site ini adalah untuk para masyarakat untuk menuangkan ide – ide kreatifnya kepada starbucks.. baik dari menu baru, giftcard, CSR, promotion, dan bahkan business system.. dalam site ini, setiap ide akan dikomentari oleh orang2 lain sesama member starbucks.. dan akan ada leader board yang menunjukkan siapa yg paling inovatif untuk starbucks, dan ide itu akan dipakai oleh starbucks..

“You know better than anyone else what you want from Starbucks. So tell us. What’s your Starbucks Idea? Revolutionary or simple – we want to hear it. Share your ideas, tell us what you think of other people’s ideas and join the discussion. We’re here, and we’re ready to make ideas happen. Let’s get started.”

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Most Creative Company..

The most creative company.. let see..

well truthfully i’m kinda tired using english.. so let’s move to indonesian, shall we?

Nah, lebih enak jadinya.. perusahaan paling kreatif?? apa ya? karena kita disini menggunakan bahasa indonesia, jadi saya ingin mengkaji perusahaan paling kreatif di Indonesia.. hmm.. apa dong..

jawabannya adalahh…

indomie logo normal atas.jpg


Betul skali!! perusahaan paling kreatif didunia adalah Indomie!!


1. Indomie sudah bertahan sejak jaman papa mama kita memakai jeans cut bray dan cut nyak din (garing!) yaitu sejak 1985, Deketan sama nyonya meneer

2. Tidak hanya bertahan! Indomie juga telah menjadi Top of Mind para consumer sampai saat ini, banyak sekali rakyat indonesia memanggil nama makanan Mie, dengan Indomie… bukan salami, supermi, mi sedap, apalagi La Fonte (garing lagi!)

3. Sejak jaman dulu, basic dari jingle Indomie tidak pernah berubah.. nadanya tetap saja “nana nana nanaaa nananaaaaa..” (apa coba??!) akan tetapi indomie tetap kreatif dengan memodifikasi jingle tersebut sesuai dengan perkembangan jaman

4. Iklan indomie slalu didasari oleh keberagaman indonesia, dan tak pernah berubah sampai sekarang (pasti iklannya banyak org dr suku2 berbeda), dari ibu2 dengan jaman rambut segitiganya jama 1993-an, hingga sekarang yg banyak anak2 muda dr berbagai suku nongkrong2 di tempat khasnya masing2..

5. Indomie tidak pernah berhenti dalam mengembangkan produknya.. rasanya kini bermacam2.. mulai dari ayam bawang yg biasa (yg warna coklat itu lhoo.. ga tau ga gaul!) hingga rasa2 khas tradisional indonesia seperti rasa empal gentong, rasa soto betawi, rasa masakan manado, dll! ngalahin fiesta deh dalam pilihan rasa (maaf bgt ya.. tengah malem soalnya.. jdnya garing parah)



6. Indomie selalu menjadi image mie dari indonesia!, knp saya membahas ini?? karena baru2 ini.. Indomie telah memenuhi standard internasional, dan nampaknya akan otw menjadi International brand!! WOOHOOOO!!

Tetap berjuang Indomiem, meskipun banyak rumor2 bohong tentang dirimu

Indomie… Selerakuuuuuuuuu


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Creative Country

What is the most creative country in the world?? Well, the answer is very subjective, depending in our point of view…

in my opinion, the most creative country, is the one that capturing my heart.. the name of the country is…


Why i choose Maldives?? well, first of all.. Maldives is a country that consist of 90 coral island grouped in a double chain of 26 atolls, along the north-south direction, spread over roughly 90,000 square kilometers, making this one of the most disparate countries in the world, in 1905, maldives has only 100.000 people.. seems maldives is a very poor and unattended country


But lately, the goverment of Maldives change that, Even Maldives now has known as the “Ultimate Beach” vacation and the Paradise of divers.. The resort is really like what we’ve been dreaming of..

See? There’s nothing like maldives in the world.. even Bahamas.. i take maldives as a most creative country because Maldives is starting as a poor and not really visible country, but maldives manages to used it’s resource to the maximum.. making it the most ultimate beach vacation..


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The most important Innovation

The most important innovation in the world i think is the one we used everyday… many people said : computer!, IT! well, that obvious..

But i think the most important innovation is the one, simple, object we used every day, we take it for granted.. the one without it, the world will be unthinkable place, revolting, disgusting..

the innovation is……

Yap!! That’s WC.. (Water Closet)

WHY??!! You still Asked WHY???!!! Imagine if your house, your world has no WC………………………………….

yahh, Without WC there will be NO apartment, and any high rise building (imagine if you’re in 36th floor, and you had “nature” calling you urgently.. what will you do? will you run down to the 1st floor, and get “down to business” there.. or will you run down to balcony and “do it” high up there?? and i think i don’t need to explain the consequence to the people below…

Now imagine the consequence if there’s no High rise building, there will be no apartment, office will only have maximum 3 floor… the building will be more than now. The road will be full of traffic jam.. because there will be no high-rise parking lot. The empty land lot will be scarce because all the 50-60 stories building needed to build in 3 stories only (mean 1 building will be 20 building) there will be people killing each other for home. No safety, anarchy, genocide, IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!!! (lebay)

That’s why i think WC is a world changer.. to be more hygiene…

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