Smart but Dumb

Maaf ya ini bukan cerita saya.. dan maaf saja kalau ini tidak serandom biasanya.. i just copy this because i liked the story..

the story is about a teacher in a small american country want to give a fun quiz to her student

teacher : “Let’s start with a small quiz in American history”. Who said “Freedom or death?”

Suddenly silence and only Suzuki, a foreign japanese student raises his hand

Suzuki : “Patrick Henry, 1775. in Philadelphia.”

teacher : “Very good Suzuki, And who said: “The nation is it’s people and as such can never die?””

Suzuki raises his hand again

Suzuki : “Abraham Lincoln, 1863, Washington.”

The teacher looks at her students and says : “Shame on you, Suzuki is a Japanese and know American history better than you.”

Hearing that, all student started to hate suzuki

A silent voice from the back of the class: “Go f*ck yourselves, sh*tty Japanese”

“Who said that!?”, yells the teacher.

Suzuki raises his hand and says: “General MacArthur, 1942, Guadalcanalu, and Lee Iacocca 1982 at the Chrysler management board meeting, Detroit.”

The class is in silence and you can again hear a silent voice: “Suck my c*ck!!!”

The teacher is furious: “I’ve had enough. Who said that?”

Suzuki: “Bill Clinton to Monica Levinsky, Oval Office, 1997 in Washington.”

Another voice yells: “Suzuki is sh*t!”

Suzuki: “Valentino Rossi in Rio de Janeiro at the Brazil moto Grand-Prix in 2002.”

The class goes wild, the teacher starts crying, and in walks to the school Principal she said: “What the hell is going on?, I am going to quit !!”

Suzuki: “Sri Mulyani, Ministry of Finance, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2010 when KPK auditors were in her office.”


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