The most important Innovation

The most important innovation in the world i think is the one we used everyday… many people said : computer!, IT! well, that obvious..

But i think the most important innovation is the one, simple, object we used every day, we take it for granted.. the one without it, the world will be unthinkable place, revolting, disgusting..

the innovation is……

Yap!! That’s WC.. (Water Closet)

WHY??!! You still Asked WHY???!!! Imagine if your house, your world has no WC………………………………….

yahh, Without WC there will be NO apartment, and any high rise building (imagine if you’re in 36th floor, and you had “nature” calling you urgently.. what will you do? will you run down to the 1st floor, and get “down to business” there.. or will you run down to balcony and “do it” high up there?? and i think i don’t need to explain the consequence to the people below…

Now imagine the consequence if there’s no High rise building, there will be no apartment, office will only have maximum 3 floor… the building will be more than now. The road will be full of traffic jam.. because there will be no high-rise parking lot. The empty land lot will be scarce because all the 50-60 stories building needed to build in 3 stories only (mean 1 building will be 20 building) there will be people killing each other for home. No safety, anarchy, genocide, IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!!! (lebay)

That’s why i think WC is a world changer.. to be more hygiene…


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