Innovation it’s easy like an A,B,C with SCAMPER

Hai there! My name is Ms. Novation.. whaat.. you want to innovate something??! sure you do..

what?? you don’t know how?

ahahaha… silly boy/girl let me introduce you to an innovation model called SCAMPER

it’s easy! c’mon!!

First, let’s find some object to become our objective

ahhh.. this one’s nice, my best friend, Stove

Let’s innovate my stove..

First letter in SCAMPER is “S” stands for “Substitute”

We must find a weakness of the things we want to innovate and substitute it with a better solution, For my Stove, it use a LPG gasses. Well, it’s good but LPG isn’t a renewable source of energy. In the future, LPG supply might dried up. We must substitute it with a renewable energy. Why don’t we use a solar energy? it’s nice, it’s safe, it’s free and it’s everywhere!

The Second Letter of Scamper is “C” stands for “Combine”

We can innovate by combining two things that already exist into one thing. For my stove, hmph, well.. i’m always tired running back and forth in my refrigerator to my stove. Well you see, i’m kinda clumsy you know… there’s always something i forget to take from the refrigerator every time i cooked for my family. It’s exhausting.. it took me two kilometers from stove to refrigerator, (my real refrigerator is broken, so i used my neighbor’s that lived two km away). So it’s more efficient when i combined stove and a refrigerator in the below of the stove.

The Third letter of Scamper is  “A” stands for “Adapt”

An innovation must be adaptable to present condition, it must fulfilled a present style’s need and want. Nowdays, in the digital era, a food is prepared more detailed to provide an excellent taste. To adapting to those needs, is better for my stove to have a digital temperature controller, so i don’t have to “speculate” how big/small my fire is and by so, i can control the exact temperature of my fire to make an excellent taste for my dish.

The fourth letter of Scamper is “M” stands for “Modify”

An innovation must be modified to a spesific target or needs. My stove will used a digital controller and have a remote to control the heat, or to turn it on/off. This is perfect, so i still can watch my favorite evening show, like “insert” or “Kabar – kabari” without have to run back and forth my stove just to turn it off.

The fifth letter of scamper is “P” stands for “Put to other use”

We can innovate things, by making a new function of those things that never happened before. Well, for my stove.. hmm i always want my stove to functioned also as a cookbook storage, but in digital form. So there will be monitor that display the recipes that i wanted, and it can also remembered if i make a new recipes, better yet. The recipes that i created can be shared online with my friends (i have a high name in cooking and my recipes is well known to others housewife). So it’s a stove and also a digital cookbook. computer.

The Sixth Letter of Scamper is “E” stands for “Eliminate”

We must eliminate some disadvantage of our innovation. Hmm let see… My stove is still using a “blue fire”, fire is very hazardous in our home. Let’s eliminate it into an electric heat. Where it’s safe to use.

The seventh Letter of Scamper is “R” stands for “Rearrange”

We can innovate things by rearranging the process or display. My stove is usually have fixed place for pot, frying pan, or grilling. But let’s rearrange that, my new-innovated stove will had flat surface, no layout, we can create our layout there, and can changed it anytime. This is very helpful when my husband brings his friend and i have to cook a lot, with free custom stove’s layout. I can put more cooking utensils in my stove.

see? it’s easy right to innovate things with SCAMPER. Look at me, i just create a very sophisticated stove, that to die for… 😀

Let’s see what will YOU Innovate… Tha tha dear.. i must cook for my husband now, his bringing his friend to come over tonight, damn!


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